We are Hiring!

The Good Life Community Bike Shop is looking for some radical bike enthusiasts to join our team. Please review this job description to find out more about our organisation and the positions available.

We are looking for a new dynamic team member for a part time position as a Good Life Greaser!
Send your resume to our staff coordinator at : simone@goodlifebikes.ca
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Position: Greaser
The role of greaser is different than that of mechanic or admin because every staff member of The Good
Life Community Bike Shop is required to perform administrative duties as well as mechanic work in
equal proportions.Therefore staff are not Administrators or Mechanics, but Greasers, a role that
encompasses both those duties

Required Qualifications:
● Strong customer service skills and experience
● Relevant work experience in the bike industry or other retail setting
● Proficient bike mechanic skills or willingness to learn
● Experience managing staff or comparable experience in a leadership role
● Excellent organizational skills
● Respect for the backgrounds and individuality of each Member and the integrity to work within a
● Strong communication and interpersonal skills, including conflict resolution

Desired qualifications:
● Teaching experience
● Knowledge of and experience in community bike shops or other nonprofits
● Experience in cash management and ordering
● Grant writing experience
● Administrative experience
● Knowledge of Safer Spaces
● Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, lasso evil-doers and bring them to justice

A Good Life Greaser is responsible for:
Greasers are leaders not bosses, they are knowledgeable about the shop and work towards making the
good life community as accessible to all members and volunteers as possible. Greasers are accountable to
the greaser team, volunteers, Box Social and the Good Life Community Bike Shop as a whole.
Greasers responsibilities include everything from front-line support, bicycle mechanics to administrative
work- they fulfill all tasks delegated to them by the box social (of which they are part).
It is important that greasers treat all people with respect, patience and fairness. We don’t fix bikes for
people (a temporary solution), we teach people how to fix their own bike (an empowering opportunity).
All employees are expected to actively assist all customers, support other staff and members, Participate
in annual planning efforts, including strategic and operational planning, budgeting, administration and
miscellaneous administrative work to see these goals achieved.

Primary Responsibilities:
Operations Management (40%)
Community Resources Management (20%)
Administrative Support (40%)

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