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There are so many ways you can get involved in Good Life. Thanks to all the wonderful past, present and future people involved who make the Good Life a wonderful community space!

If you would like to use our shop to work on you bike you need to be a member first (see below). To find out our shop rates for using the shop DIY-style click here.

How to become a Member

To use the Good Life Community Bicycle Shop’s resources to fix your bike, an annual membership is required. To sign up, simply visit the shop and fill out a membership form or click here to download the PDF form and fill it in before you swing by. The membership is either $10 or two hours of volunteer work. With your membership, you have access to the shop’s tools and our mechanics’ expertise.

Want to Volunteer?

Volunteers are an integral part of running the Good Life Community. Jobs done by volunteers run from cleaning up the shop, helping with administrative work,  sorting parts, greeting people, or stripping or fixing bikes. No mechanical experience is necessary! We welcome people of all ages and experience levels.

Volunteers are welcome during any of our regular shop times, unless the shop is filled to capacity (3 regular volunteers at any time). Due to high shop demand on Fridays-Sundays we reserve our shop for DIY repair use only and therefore no volunteers are permitted on those days. So wanna sign up? Great, click the button below:

YourVolunteers Button


Box Socials

The most important decisions about how the Good Life is run are made at our Box Socials. As a non-hierarchical organization the Good Life seeks to be accountable and transparent with our members, supporters and community. As part of this commitment we seek to publish the minutes from each of our Box Socials. Initials are used instead of full names to protect the privacy of our members.

Check out the Events page to find out when we’ll be having the next Box Social.


Please see our Employment page for current openings.


Please see our Internship page for current opening

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