Annual Memberships

New Annual Memberships

Moving into our new location gave us an opportunity to make a lot of changes to our operations in the shop and give us a chance for a fresh start. After multiple Box Socials, staff meetings, and time in front of computers we not only devised a new platform for managing volunteers, and members; we also decided to switch memberships over to an annual renewal.

How does this effect you? 

  • If you’re an existing member you will need to sign-up to our new management system upon your next visit. We are offering existing members a month long grace period during which your membership fee will be waived. So be sure to visit the shop by December 2nd!
  • If you are a regular volunteer we now have a new system  that allows us to schedule shifts and keep track of your well earned credits. You can sign-up for that here.
    • Your existing volunteer credits will be transferred over
  • Unfortunately all those intending to renew their memberships either as shop-users or volunteers will have to sign a new liability waiver form.

This new system streamlines the way we can communicate with volunteers and members and provides a more efficient way of structure community involvement. We appreciate your patience with this transition and we hope that everyone will find it helpful and easy to use. If you require assistance signing up for the new volunteer management system or are confused by any of this please feel free to give us a call (403-984-4727).