Commonly Asked Questions

1. How does this place work?

We are a community bike shop that offers shop space for you to work on your bike should you choose to. If you are just looking to buy a used part or a bike, you may do so as you would at a regular shop. If you want to work on your bike you must first become a member. Head here to find out about our shop rates and prices, and here if you want to become a member.

2. Are all the bikes in the shop for sale?

Yes! If there is a price tag on it, it has been serviced by our mechanics and is ready-to-ride. If it says “Fix 1, (2, 3, or 4),” or “ABC” it is waiting to be serviced and needs some work to be ride-able. Our Fix bikes are for sale “as-is” at a reduced rate, should you wish to fix one yourself.  The Good Life’s mechanics are available to help you fix up “Fix” bikes if you’d like!

3. Where do you get your bikes from/ Do you buy bikes?

All our used bikes are donated to us by wonderful community members like you! We don’t buy any bikes or parts in order to avoid fueling the theft economy.

4. Are you cash only?

No. We accept, debit, credit, and cash.

5. Can I put a bike on hold?

We can hold a bike for a maximum of 24 HOURS ONLY without payment. You can purchase the bike when you return for it. If within the 24 hours you have not returned for the bike the hold will be removed.

6. Do I have to make an appointment or book in to work on my bike?

No. The workshop is always available on a drop-in basis. During the summer we are very busy and therefore it is a good idea to call ahead to ensure we have a free stand available for you, but it is not required.

7.  I have donations for you but I can’t get them to you, can you pick them up?

Unfortunately no, we do not have the resources to do pick-ups.

8. What’s GEM?

Glad you asked head here for more info!

9. Do you service bikes or do I have to fix my bike myself?

Yes, we service bikes during the slower months just like a regular bike shop. To find out our prices head here.

10. Can I just quickly use a tool if I’m not a member?

Unfortunately our tools are for members and staff use only. We can help with a quick adjust if you need it. However, our tire pumps are always free to use.

11. Can I come in and volunteer any day?

For details on volunteering head here.

12. If I don’t get my bike finished in time can I leave it over night?

We unfortunately do not have the space to store bikes for members. We would love to be able to store your bike overnight but it isn’t feasible for us. Please plan to take your bike home with you even if you are not finished working on it.

13. Can I work on hydraulics at the Good Life?/Do you service hydraulics?

Unfortunately, no. We do not have the tools to service hydraulic suspension or brakes.

14. Can my child volunteer?

Yes! We encourage folks of all ages to volunteer in the shop. Members under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times when working in the shop and a guardian must sign their waiver form. For members under the age of 18 we require a guardian signature on the waiver form but the individual is welcome to come unaccompanied by an adult.

15. Is my dog allowed in?

OF COURSE!!! We love dogs so we apologize in advance if we are being weird and drooling over your little furry companion.