April Newsletter

Monthly Update

Happy April!

Spring is here! (…Hopefully?) Whether your bike has spent the winter months cooped up in a garage or trudging bravely through the snow, we can get your baby warm weather ready. Come in for a spring tuneup today as we look forward to the sunny days ahead!

Thank You for Saving the Good Life

We are so humbled by and grateful for all of the support we have received from our community! Thank you to everyone who in this past month made a purchase, donated time/equipment/money, helped with and attended our fundraising event, and spread the word about our situation. A very special thanks to the bands who donated their time to play our event: Slut Prophet, Postnamers, Poly Dactic, and Harsh; we had so much fun dancing to and with all of y’all. Another thank you to those who donated door prizes: Sweet as Candy, Phil and Sebastian (Simmons Building), Sweet Warrior Yoga, Night Terrors Film Society, NASARIMBA, Distribution Now, Globe Cinema, and Velour Clothing Exchange. And how could we forget the incredible Dandy Brewing Co. who provided us with great beer?! We truly could not have done it without you, and we appreciate each and every one of you.

We survived (by the skin of our teeth) but the fight isn’t over! Where do we go from here?

  • We are a community bike shop (the only one in Calgary, actually) which means we need your support! We totally understand that not everyone has the funds to donate money regularly, but donating time, engagement, and equipment is just as helpful!

You can sign up to volunteer

You can learn more about how we process bike/part donations

You can engage with us on instagram, twitter, and facebook

  • If you do feel like signing up for a monthly donation you can do so on our Patreon. For as little as $5 a month you can acquire some sweet Good Life swag AND feel all warm/fuzzy knowing you helped our little shop keep going! If you would prefer to make a one time donation you can help out on our Paypal.
  • We can’t do what we do if no one knows we exist, we need you to spread the word about Good Life! Tell your friends about us, bring a crew down to the shop, help us increase our visibility in any way you can think of. It is our community that makes us so unique, and we need your support to continue!

with love/affection/the utmost gratitude,

The Good Life Community Bike Shop Crew


Get your bike spring ready!                                                     If you’ve been putting off getting your steed ready for the spring or even getting a whole new bike then now is the time to come down! We’ve got tons of affordable bikes perfect for the beautiful weather ahead and we can help you get your ride in tip top shape. Head here for some tips on making sure your bike is safe to ride and here for some tips on getting comfortable riding again, courtesy of Bike Calgary!


Want to help us put on more great events?                      We want to put on more fun shows but we need your opinions! Fill out our survey here to help us with planning fun times ahead!


Like what you heard at our fundraising event?
Check out some of the artists below:

Hey you! Yes, you! You who wants to learn more about bikes!
Come volunteer for The Good Life Community Bike Shop, no experience necessary. To register head to this link!